We provide video production services to the Yamhill County/Willamette Valley area, focusing on lifestyle sessions, weddings, fundraising videos, promotional, and live events. Life needs a replay button so you can experience the joys of each moment again…& again…& again…


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and is so monumentus that it is worth celebrating over and over again! Filming your wedding gives you that opportunity to savor each moment as it happened, see yourself looking and feeling your most stunning, and watch your love shine on screen. See that look of deep love sparkle in your partners eye as they say “I do,” watch the joy when you take your first steps together as husband and wife, hear that hilarious best man’s speech over and over, laugh when Uncle Eddie boogies on the dance floor after the champagne has been flowing, wipe away the tears when you see the love and joy of your family and friends celebrating your love… and of course when you watch yourself 10 years from now you will say “WOW, I LOOKED GOOD!”


Devin + TIna

jt humb

James + Tessa


Jeanne + Doug

Your Life

Your life is worth capturing! There are so many special moments that we would love to relive, and we can help you with that!

  • If you have recently had an addition to your family, we could create a short film to highlight this precious time.
  • Film of your child’s birthday… imagine having your baby’s first birthday to re-watch when they turn 18!
  • Personality Highlight video of someone you love to play at their birthday party. This would be great opportunity for us to create a short film about a parent or loved one to play at a milestone birthday.
  • “How They Met” anniversary video – a great gift to honor a couple who has been married a long time!
  • If you are musician or have a band, what better way to promote your music than with a music video!
  • Pets are just as important as family! Showcase your special critter in a video just for them. This is a great way to feature show animals.

Sarah + Hudson + Gianna


…and Avonlea Makes Three


Ash is 10 Months Old!


Does your nonprofit need a boost in donations and awareness? Tell your stories through film, a compelling medium that allows you to truly draw in your audience to your cause. Raise donors, volunteers and community support! A video is a great feature for a fundraising event you may be having, or perhaps just something to upload online to your website or Facebook page!


Ignite the Light 2014 Fundraiser


Patrick’s Story


Tim’s Story


Ignite the Light 2013 Fundraiser




Your business will SHINE in a promotional video, advertising to new customers and reminding current ones why they love your company! We can assist you in creating a unique and attention-catching video that is sure to WOW!

Investing in filming your trainings and orientations can save a lot of staff time in the long run. We can help you plan out a film that will help train your staff in a snap!

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Mary Fast Photography

We are open to any ideas you may have, and can customize a film just for you!